As the soft morning light filtered through the window of her cozy studio in Stockholm , Sweden, Ylva Liljefors sat with a pair of high end shoes besides her. With a paintbrush in one hand and a palette of vibrant colors in the other, she began to bring these shoes to life in a way that would change the brand Ylva Liljefors forever. Ylva had always been drawn to art and fashion, finding inspiration in the bustling streets of cities like Paris, Milan and Los Angeles and the natural beauty of the Swedish countryside. But it wasn’t until that fateful day, when she decided to paint one of her favorite pair of shoes with classic rivets, that she realized her new direction as a artist and fashion designer. As she meticulously painted each rivets, Ylva felt a sense of joy and fulfillment wash over her. These shoes weren’t just footwear—they were a canvas for her creativity, a way to express herself in a world that often felt too confined by boundaries and expectations. Word of Ylva’s art with painted shoes spread quickly among her friends and family, and soon she found herself inundated with requests from people who wanted their own personalized pairs on canvas and soon also art exhibithions. What started as a hobby soon turned into a thriving side business, that turned into prints for her fashion designs. With Ylva spending every spare moment in her studios in Los Angeles and in the scandinavian forests, painting shoes and dreaming of bigger things to come. 

It’s easy to get captivated by Ylva’s unique talent and passion for her craft. There’s something special in the way Ylva transformes ordinary objects into works of art, and after some time she knew that she had to bring her art into the world of fashion. 

What was at first a humble hobby is now combined within Ylva’s designs, soon gracing the runways. 

Today, Ylva Liljefors is known as one innovativ artist, textile- and fashion designer, her scarves and garments coveted by fashionistas and art lovers alike. But no matter how far she travels or how high she climbs, she’ll always remember the humble beginnings that inspired her to paint her dreams onto the canvas of life.

And we who get to be a part of the team at Ylva Liljefors are happy to be a part of the journey, hope you want to come with us!